Locust Info
Locust is kiteable on SE to SW winds, although occasionally W and NW are kiteable. Tides under 2ft will require a walk out to the water, and tides over 7ft can reduce the amount of shallow waters in some areas.
This sensor is located 1 mile west of locust beach (at driftwood) and is useful for actual on water readings.
BCS Bay Cam
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TJ's Weather Forecast Map Updates at 8:00 am and 8:00 pm: this is the BEST forecast for Bellingham

TJ's Large Area Weather Forecast Map

North Sound Forecast (Summary)

North Sound Forecast (NOAA)

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Bellingham Tides (feet)
Recommended Tides (in feet):
  • Driftwood: 4-8
  • Locust: 0-6
  • Hunter: 4
  • Armpit: 4
Wind Data
Locust Summary Chart ...updates every minute

Hunter Summary Chart ...updates every minute

Locust Wind Archive:
Windonthewater ...clickable Google Map with wind data

Mike's NWwind ...wind data galore

WunderMap stations snapshot

Rahk 'n Rol Sandy Point Shore Wind


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Streamlined Wind Page for Mobile Devices: HERE
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Weather and Tide Graphs
Locust Beach - Click for Full Size - NOTES - Wind line is often further WEST than Launch. Sensor reads accurately for 1-2 miles out in the bay. 15mph is a go point for upwind riding on a 14m.

Bellingham Tides

Tides, Bellingham, Washington